6 Reasons Why SEO and Content Marketing Are Important for Your Business [2 Mini-Case Studies Included]

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A solid search engine optimization plan can do wonders for a business that executes it well and consistently over time. Here are six reasons to make sure you don’t forget about SEO at your own company.

  1. SEO Enables People to Find Your Business
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is important because it helps your website be […]

Why do we like, comment, and share on Facebook?

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Why do we like, comment and share while  using Facebook? What’s the reasoning behind it? Why do millions of people do these activities on a daily basis?  What drives some people to even become addicted to social media?

I first looked inward to find the answer. It struck me as literally the digital version of […]

Mail Bag Q&A: What domain should I pick and how does that effect SEO?

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In this mail bag Q&A, we cover a question we get all the time, “what domain should I pick and how does that effect SEO?”

After we outline a few principles below, you’ll be ready to pick the perfect domain name for your business’s website.

Your Domain Name from a Branding Angle

When coming from a branding […]

How Content Marketing Drives Search Engine Marketing

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Everybody wants to rank at the top of Google, but the reality is that Google only wants to place people who deserve it. Publishing a web page and placing a few keyword phrases on it does not guarantee you will rank. As a matter of fact, there are no guarantees with search engine […]

Mail Bag Q&A: How do I make my website accessible for visually impaired individuals?

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In this this mail bag Q&A, a person who runs a company focused on senior home care asked, “how do I make my website accessible for visually impaired individuals?”

People with visual impairments may use screen readers to listen to a website’s content instead of trying to read it. It is important to make sure text […]

Q&A: How Do I Get More Unique People to My Website?

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We received an email asking the question, “how do I get more unique people to my website?” Since this is a pretty hot topic these days, we figured we’d share our response to help everyone get a better understanding of the broad digital strategies one can use to generate awareness for their website.

To generate awareness […]

Mail Bag Q&A: How do you create an easy to use website?

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In this Q&A, we have a question from a person wanting to know, “how do I create an easy to use website?

Creating simple and easy to use websites is built upon a concept called Hick’s Law. It states that the more choices you give a person, the longer and less likely that person is to […]

Ignore These 3 Tips To Expose Your Website to Malware

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In a little over a month, over 100,000 WordPress websites have been hit by malware infections due to outdated versions of the Revolution Slider plugin according to SC Magazine.  With the rapid spread of this threat, it is more important than ever to make sure you website is hardened against these attacks.  If […]

The Value of Good Design and Standing Out with Animated Emails

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The value in good design is that it can separate your brand from the rest of the pack. Going above and beyond by just a little bit can provide the perception that you are leaps and bounds ahead of your competition, which can lead to disproportionate rewards in your favor. Disproportionate rewards are […]