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6 Reasons Why SEO and Content Marketing Are Important for Your Business [2 Mini-Case Studies Included]

A solid search engine optimization plan can do wonders for a business that executes it well and consistently over time. Here are six reasons to make sure you don’t forget about SEO at your own company.

  1. SEO Enables People to Find Your Business
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is important because it helps your website be found on Google. Google is your major priority when it comes to search engine marketing because it controls 77.82% of the search engine market space on desktop computers of December 2016. Google absolutely dominates the competition in mobile search with a 93.76% market share.
  2. Ensures Your Business Shows for the Right Keywords
    By properly optimizing your website, Google can find your website and rank it for keyword terms that your prospective customers and clients are looking for every day.
  3. Potential for Consistent, Long-Term ROI
    Your company can see significant long-term ROI with search engine marketing because once you rank the traffic can be very consistent and plentiful.
  4. It’s Integral to the Way Modern Buyers Discover Products and Services
    Businesses that overlook SEO are leaving a major piece of the online visibility pie on the table. With so many people using their computers and smart phones to search Google, it is natural that you would want your website to be found via Google searches.
  5. The Fat Head vs. The Long Tail
    With SEO, you can rank for major keyword terms for your industry as well as longer phrases made up of 4-5+ keywords. An interesting and counter-intuitive concept is that you can potentially get more traffic from these multiple keyword phrases, despite each individual phrase getting little traffic on its own. In total, the low traffic keywords work together to bring you multiple sources of search engine traffic that are very targeted to what you have to offer. By getting traffic from very targeted searches, the person’s intent is more in line with what you have to offer and your chances of converting them into an email subscriber or customer are much higher.
  6. You Build a Foundation
    The reasons above are the foundation for why every business should take building a blog for their company website seriously. By building a blog with proper SEO tactics and quality content, your website naturally becomes a tool to help drive traffic to your business when combined with appropriate promotional strategies.

Real World Examples of SEO Fueling Client Business Growth

B2C eCommerce – The graphs below show what the combination of on-page keyword optimization and healthy online promotion achieved for one of Clicked Studios’ client.  Prior to this combo strategy, the client averaged 50% less in gross revenues from their eCommerce website than in the current year.  Over the course of their existence, the online store increased their online visibility by gaining back links from 150+ relevant websites.

Healthy Backlinks from Referring Domains Through Steady Online Promotion

As a result, revenue climbed steadily into the $20,000/mo. range, which is now double that of the previous year including the typical seasonal dip.

Doubled Revenues from Link Building and Promo

B2B Traffic Generation – In this next example, another client who is in early stages of search engine optimization and high-quality content creation doubled the amount of new incoming visitors to the website after only a modest couple months of work.  In the graph below, you can see that traffic increased by 193.59% for new sessions and 229.39% for new users from the year before and is expected to rise as efforts continue and build on previous month’s accomplishments.

High Quality Content Creation and Outreach Results


Will you be focusing on SEO and content marketing in 2015?

Let us know what your plans are for SEO and content marketing in 2015.  Are you currently working on it or just thinking about it?  Write a comment below and keep the discussion going.

How Content Marketing Drives Search Engine Marketing

Ranking on Google

Everybody wants to rank at the top of Google, but the reality is that Google only wants to place people who deserve it. Publishing a web page and placing a few keyword phrases on it does not guarantee you will rank. As a matter of fact, there are no guarantees with search engine rankings since Google is 100% in control of its ranking algorithm. However, there is one thing that comes really close to a guarantee. If you’ve been following the digital marketing landscape for the past couple years, you might already know it. If not, the answer is great content marketing combined with a solid promotional strategy.

Content Marketings Drives Shares and Links Which Drive Rankings

With solid content marketing, you create high quality content pieces that your target audience wants to read and share. The reason they want to read and share it is because your content helps them solve a problem. Do this and you’re well on your way to seeing a return on your digital marketing efforts. In turn, people who like and share you content create social media signals and link back to your web page from their own. This in turn creates quality back links, which are HUGE in Google’s eyes for ranking you well.

To give you an idea of the quality of content I’m talking about for your own website, check out this executive coaching infographic created for The Leadership Crucible. This particular content piece received 85 social shares within the first day or so of it being released. In particular it got shares from other industry thought leaders (I’m talking about authors, Forbes contributors, etc.). As a result, it also quickly shot to the first page of Google for “executive coaching infographic”.

1st Page of Google Result for Executive Coaching Infographic

The True Path to Content Marketing and Search Engine Success

Keep in mind though, there is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes of content marketing. A piece that shares well and ranks well (or quickly, for that matter) requires thorough research, high quality production resources, establishing connections with influencers in your industry, and follow through. While the content piece popped out of the gate, the reality is that it took a month of prior work to make the content piece good enough to do well in a competitive industry such as leadership coaching. One way I frame this in my own mind is to remember a quote from Abraham Lincoln, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

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