16 10, 2012

How Great Aesthetics Make the Perfect Web Site

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Photo courtesy of Paul Bica.

With the advent of do-it-yourself web site tools, there has been a rapid increase in the number of web sites live on the Internet today.  The trade off is that many of these web sites look hacked together and lack the level of quality a design professional would bring […]

16 10, 2012

Make Use of Your Visitor’s Attention

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Countless small business web sites make the mistake of wasting their web site visitor’s attention.  After spending ad dollars to get a quality visitor, these web sites will display informative content that helps the reader, but fails to get the reader to take any sort of action that helps the company’s marketing and sales effort.

The solution to […]

12 10, 2012

Simple, Clear, and Unified Navigation – The Perfect Web Site

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Photo courtesy of Tim Green.

Solid navigation is one of the foundations to creating an engaging, “perfect” web site.

There needs to be a set of master navigation buttons that appear in the same spot on every single web page contained within the web site.

This concept is best explained with a picture of what NOT […]