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Ignore These 3 Tips To Expose Your Website to Malware

WordPress Malware Infections on the Rise

Photo by Ivan Arce

In a little over a month, over 100,000 WordPress websites have been hit by malware infections due to outdated versions of the Revolution Slider plugin according to SC Magazine.  With the rapid spread of this threat, it is more important than ever to make sure you website is hardened against these attacks.  If you fail to do so, you are at risk of having your website taken down by your web hosting company, being black listed by Google, and unwittingly spreading malware to your customers.

Unfortunately, over the past couple weeks we have spent a fair amount of time helping people who have been hit by attacks like this.    One particular case involved a company with 22 websites hosted on one web server that got hit by a malware infestation that moved through every single website and infected 705 files.  As a result, the hosting company immediately turned off all 22 websites!  While we were able to help fix the problem, the company would have had a much better couple of days if they had spent a few pennies on prevention instead of many dollars on the cure.

In today’s post, I’m providing 3 major tips that you can use right now to help you stay safe and prevent a potential catastrophe from happening to your online presence.

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Where Do I Get Hosting and a Domain Name?

Photo courtesy of Tom Raftery.

Are you new to the world of web design and wondering what a host and a domain name are? You are not alone. Many first time web design clients have these sort of questions. You may have heard these words thrown around, but never were told what exactly these terms mean. Here’s an easy to understand explanation.


Hosting is a service provided by a company where they store your web page files on their computers. These computers, known as servers, are configured specifically for meeting the demands of sending your web page out to thousands of visitors, remaining secure against hackers, and staying online 24/7. Many hosting companies offer servers running Linux or Windows operating systems.  The kind of server you need depends on what programming languages are being used to develop your web site. Most of the time you’ll want a Linux server when running PHP or Ruby on Rails. A windows server is most commonly going to be used when using ASP.NET.

Which company should host my web site?

Clicked Studios is currently affiliated with to provide affordable hosting. offers a different web hosting plans that fit most small businesses by providing a competitive mix of storage space and server features like PHP support, MySQL support, one-click installations, and POP3 & IMAP email. Tech support is fast!

Domain Names

Many consumers mix up domain names with hosting. A domain name and hosting are two separate things. A domain name is just a word or phrase you license from a registrar. Once you acquire the domain name, you must then tell it where you hosting company’s computers are. It is best to think of your domain name as a street sign pointing the way to your store (the server at your hosting company). Sometimes people look for the cheapest company when looking to purchase a domain name. Generally, this is a bad idea because super cheap companies provide hard to use administration panels, make it hard to transfer your domain, and lock out their users every now and then. The best solution is to go with a reputable domain registration company that only charges a dollar or two more. These few extra dollars will go a long way in avoiding time consuming, frustrating headaches
and delays related to domain name administration.

Who should I register my domain name with?

The following list contains domain registration companies that provide quality service at competitive rates.


GoDaddy offers some of the best prices in the domain name marketplace. Managing the domain through the administration panel is easy. Transferring domain names is also hassle-free.

Other Useful Information

The hosting and domain companies discussed are more than adequate for the average small business. If you envision your web site serving tens of thousands of visitors or maybe even millions, you’ll want to consider something like VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, or cloud hosting packages. Most consumer level hosting packages share the computer between multiple clients. This allows costs to be cut, but various limitations are put on each customer’s account in order to make sure the server is stable.  Solutions like a VPS, dedicated server, or cloud hosting allow a client to have full control of their server so they can handle large amounts of traffic
and execute specialized applications to meet their needs.