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“…, the starting point is to challenge the accepted assumptions governing the way of doing business in the industry or markets in question with a view to seeing whether it may be possible to change the rules of the game, upset the status quo, and thereby gain a novel and powerful competitive advantage.”

~Kenichi Ohmae, The Mind of the Strategist

Clicked Studios advocates a strategy-first design philosophy.  By working together and discovering the essence of what sets your business apart, we believe you create the strongest foundation for building a brand that inspires and provides the path for exceptional design decisions and execution to follow.

The BrandEdge TM

Step 1 – Start with The BrandEdgeTM.
Before you can build a brand that inspires, you have to identify what truly sets you apart.

By figuring out your strengths, passions, and what you truly stand for, your brand will be ready to make its mark.

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The BrandBuilder TM

Step 2 – The BrandBuilderTM.
After your blueprint for success has been created with The BrandEdge, Clicked Studios gets to work bringing these ideas to life. Your one-of-a-kind brand is fully executed from messaging to design so that you can focus on making money and growing your business!

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Are you curious what gives a brand the power to dominate?

The Guide to Attracting High-Value Clients is a short and easy to read guide that reveals the powerful principles and processes used by Clicked Studios and other inspiring brands to attract ideal clients and charge higher prices than the competition (and still win the business). Spend a few pages with Frank Spohr, CEO of Clicked Studios, and it will change your perspective on how you do business.

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