Reverse Testimonials

In today’s ultra connected world, testimonials are one of the most important ways to gain the trust of your prospects. Whether you have them on your own website, a Google My Business page, Yelp, etc., you want to make sure you have the best testimonials possible.

The truth is that most people are going to check out your reviews before they just take your word on your website, so we’ve created a form you can use for free to collect better testimonials from your clients. The form questions are based on psychological principles such as “liking” and “social reinforcement” grounded in Robert Cialdini’s and Sean D’Souza’s work in the field of psychology and persuasion.

You want to use a “reverse testimonial” because it comes off more authentic than a traditional testimonial which is 100% positive. No one is ever 100% truly without some doubt – it is only human nature. In a reverse testimonial, your subject expresses true doubts they may have had before trying your product or service. However, the testimonial ends with how your company overcame those doubts and delivered to meet your customer’s expectations.

Example #1 – The Right Way

“I had heard about Acme Co.’s services and how great they were from a friend of mine. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it was really as good as it was made out to be. My friend kept telling me to try them out though, so I eventually gave in and ended up using them on my XYZ widget. They told me it would take 1 week to finish the job and again I figured I’d be lucky if it was done in 2 weeks. I couldn’t believe it though when they were done in 2 days! Not only did they do the work fast, it was great quality. I know I stuck my foot in my mouth at first, but I’m a huge fan of Acme Co. and make sure everyone I know goes to them.”

Example #2 – The Wrong Way

“Acme Co. is great! I totally recommend them to everyone!”

In the “reverse testimonial” form available here, you’ll have a checklist for making sure you gather all of the important psychological data that makes for a great reverse testimonial to feature on your website.

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