In this Q&A, we have a question from a person wanting to know, “how do I create an easy to use website?

Creating simple and easy to use websites is built upon a concept called Hick’s Law. It states that the more choices you give a person, the longer and less likely that person is to make the choice you desire him to make. With that idea in hand, an easy to use website minimizes the number of choices you give a person at any given time in the navigation of the website. In order to achieve this, one must decide what messages and actions are the most important ones to them for display on the website. Sorting these messages and actions by level of priority in relation to one’s business objectives is the best way to figure out how to design a website. An easy way to think about this is with the concept of lead generation web pages with high conversion rates. The best ones historically have shown to use very limited navigation elements, if any at all, combined with a large bold message and minimal form elements to collect a prospect’s information. Another easy and recognizable example is It’s core objective is to get people to search, so they present a very clean and minimal user interface with the search text field boldly placed in the center of the web page.  Sometimes you can let others do the hard work for you as well.  If you are building a real estate website you can use plugins that already take care of common functions that your users want.  Typicall these plugins take care of making your navigation simple and easy to use.