Quagga Green Brand and Web Design Case Study

Quagga Green : E-Commerce Brand Strategy, Web Presence, and Digital Marketing Automation Case Study

“Clicked Studios took my vision through its deep strategic branding process and was able to translate it into a beautiful website that showcases our brand and products with a powerful and emotional message. What I appreciated most about working with Clicked Studios was we were in constant contact during the process. Frank was great about keeping me informed on what stage he was at and he stayed on schedule throughout the process. It eased my mind that he appreciated our time and money and he never let us feel our project was on the back burner for his team.”
Connie Bourgeois Connie Bourgeois
Lead Product Designer, Quagga Green

The Challenges Facing Quagga Green

Quagga Accessories, LLC came to Clicked Studios to help it launch its new eco-friendly women’s fashion product line, Quagga Green. As a company that primarily focused on B2B fashion manufacturing relationships in the past, Quagga needed a strategic digital branding and design partner who could help present its new brand in a way that connects with its environmentally conscious and socially aware female demographic.

Quagga needed strong answers for several areas of their brand strategy.

  1. How do we present our brand in a way that emotionally connects with our ideal consumers?
  2. Are we crystal clear in communicating our mission and values to our customers?
  3. Does our brand image reflect our mission and values?
  4. Will our website be easy to use and work for customers on all devices?
  5. Will our e-commerce system be easy to use for non-technical staff?
  6. Do we have a way to automate aspects of our digital marketing?
  7. Will our brand have a consistent message and look across all channels like the website, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and beyond?

Crafting the Brand Strategy

To identify where Quagga Green could make the most impact with its next step, Clicked Studios and top decision makers at Quagga Green went through the BrandEdgeTM strategy interview and analysis. Through this collaborative process, Quagga Green was able to confidently choose which of its strengths could be used to form a crystal clear brand message. It gained clarity on how it could communicate its mission and the value it brought to the world with key partnerships in the environmental sustainability movement. By the end of this process, Quagga Green had a new, easy-to-understand brand narrative that it could tell and the right people would take notice. Key elements of its brand strategy then formed the basis for Clicked Studios’ recommendations on its brand image design and brand message copywriting.

Making this blueprint into a reality required the planning of Quagga Green’s digital presence. At the center of it all is the Quagga Green responsive e-commerce website. Each partner and social channel ultimately points back to this easy-to-use hub.

As a fashion company, Quagga Green and Clicked Studios both agreed it was of paramount importance to prioritize strong editorial and product photography on the website. While we focused on ensuring every written word was the right word to convey Quagga’s mission to make the world a better place, we knew that the right photography would greatly amplify the emotional connection between Quagga and its customers.

By combining the right words and imagery, magic is created that can’t be found in either element alone.

Speed and Efficiency through the Right Technologies

Powering Quagga Green’s image under the hood is a combination of responsive website design, e-commerce software, shipment and fulfillment integrations, and digital marketing automation. Together, these create a system that is easy for both Quagga Green customers to use and for staff to take care of daily tasks.

Quagga Green’s responsive website is built using the industry-leading content management system, WordPress, and its e-commerce component, Woocommerce. The use of this system allowed Quagga Green to take advantage of its limitless potential for custom theme design and development while maintaining an easy-to-use, secure, administrative portal. Clicked Studios also helped Quagga Green integrate its e-commerce store orders with its warehouse’s shipment fulfillment solution so that data flowed easily and consistently between both systems.

Optimizing Lifetime Customer Value through Smart Digital Marketing Automation

Intelligent use of digital marketing automation also made its way into this project. Clicked Studios helped Quagga Green optimize its long-term relationship and value-building potential with its customers by implementing solutions that help it stay in constant conversation within consumers’ minds. Through a combination of value-focused content marketing and event-triggered messaging, Quagga Green is in the best position possible to optimize the lifetime value of each customer it acquires through offline and digital marketing.